The winery is located on the Old Creek Ranch, which was part of a 22,000 acre Spanish land grant (Rancho Ojai) awarded to Don Fernando Tico dating back to the early history of California.  In the late 1800's, Antonio Riva of northern Italy (a chef in Paris, London, and later in San Francisco) purchased the ranch and built a winery on the property.  The Riva wines were made without electricity and utilized gravity as a means to move the wine in the processing area.  This conveyance method has been rediscovered today as the “latest and best method” for fruit conveyance as it is less stressful than the currently utilized pumping methods.  Riva produced wine until about 1942, including the prohibition years when wine purchasers would leave an order and money on a clothesline and would return later to pickup a jug of red wine left at the base of an oak tree. On one occasion Mr. Riva was warned the FBI was coming to raid the winery. All wine beyond what was legal for one family to produce was dumped prior to the FBI’s arrival. 

 The Maitland Family purchased the property in 1976 with the intention of revitalizing the old ranch and were later approached to start a new winery on the property. The operation was small, intending to rely on a small but dedicated clientele with an interest in local history and fine wine.  In 1981, the first vintage was introduced with many award-winning wines to follow.



Today the Old Creek Ranch is an 850-acre cattle ranch with a winery and fruit orchards.  The fruit produced is certified organic, as are the cattle.  The cowherd is registered Angus and are bred with a Wagu bull (Kobe).




In June 2015, the Holguin Family purchased the property bringing a new vision to the Ranch.  The first phase of improvements includes a new 2,000 square foot tasting room, which in addition to offering wine tasting, will include craft beer brewing and, hopefully, a distillery.  A boutique featuring crafts and products made by Ojai Valley artisans will also be a part of the new facility.  Additional property improvements include a new equipment barn and covered outdoor guest areas with fire pits for lounging while enjoying Old Creek Ranch Winery selections and craft beer.  Bring a picnic, enjoy a game of Bocci ball, horseshoes, bean bag throws, or hike around the property.  And a playground for kids will be within sight of the picnic areas!  Future enhancements include horseback riding & stables and wedding & event venues.  


A vineyard of 20 acres was planted during the 1980's. Sadly, the vineyard fell prey to the bacterium that causes Pierce's Disease. The winery currently out sources grapes but we are in the process of installing new vineyards to produce most of our wine grapes.



While enhancing the property, the Holguin Family is carefully maintaining the feel and look of the Old Creek Ranch so guests know the property will continue to provide enjoyment as it has for so many years.




10024 Old Creek Road • Ventura, CA 93001 • (805) 649-4132