A Big THANK YOU to Wine Club Members & Staff

In case you missed it, we had the chance to personally introduce ourselves to a community of 120+ wonderful wine club members on November 19th. Everyone in attendance was overwhelmingly kind, welcoming and excited about our renovations. What a relief, considering how beloved the Ranch is to the Valley!  We feel we have spruced up the place, while maintaining the rustic ranch feel, and it seems our wine club members feel the same!

Our two pop-up tasting bars were nestled between picnic tables and various guest areas. Each bar had its own menu featuring many of our wines from our new winemaker Jeremy Leffert, as well as a few favorites from the previous winemaker. Our day was made a little more special by Jeremy’s attendance. He poured at both bars, and shared his passion and knowledge for his wines. Thank you Jeremy!

Thank you to our pourers Frans and Nick, who not only stood behind the pop-up bars, but they constructed them for us as well! Thank you to Lauren for jumping in head first, and solving problems before we knew they existed! Thank you Damon for tech support, comic relief and filling in for everyone!  Thank you to Josh Gobbel (@gobbelmedia) for the beautiful pictures and stunning video! And as always, a big thank you to Cassie for being a million places at once! 

Finally, we would like to thank our wonderful guests for making the day so memorable! Thank you for everyone’s patience as we checked you in at the cashier. We are familiarizing ourself with new our system, and will be faster and more efficient next time! Thank you for your kind words and continued support. Thank you for enjoying the day as much as we did! We hope to see each and every one of you again very soon! 

Several more events are in the works, leading up to the official unveiling of our new tasting room in April. Keep an eye on your inbox for an announcement!

The Holguin Family

A few cherished reviews: 

"Bravo to the owners! Our group of friends held dear the former Old Creek Ranch were completely enchanted with the newer design and renovations! Our hopes were completely exceeded by the respect to the old/rustic and the introduction of new/modern to the property layout. Can’t wait to return and enjoy the offerings to its fullest! Well done!”  Debbie C. (Facebook)

"Excellent day, what a beautiful location and outstanding wine. Good job upgrading the location!”  Franco C. (Facebook)

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  • These wine club members are extremely happy with the changes, keeping the true feel of Old Creek, but adding a touch of class! Can’t wait to see you again in April! Congratulations!

    Kathy Golden & Joyce Gianera

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