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Wine Club Members,

Thank you for your continued interest in Old Creek Ranch Winery (OCRW). For those that don’t know me, my name is Andrew Holguin. My family and I are the new owners of the OCRW and we are pleased to provide you an update on the status of the Winery. First, let me apologize for our lack of communication over the last two years. When we purchased the Winery in July of 2015, I was hoping to provide continual updates on our vision for the Ranch and its progress. Unfortunately, it did not turn out that way. 

OCRW is the only rural winery in Ventura County, whereas Santa Barbara has hundreds, San Luis Obispo County, even more, and Napa and Sonoma Counties, hundreds more. The reason for the disparity is simple:  Ventura County’s land use regulations are extremely challenging to traverse.  I decided to not show my hand until I felt comfortable with the new direction we wanted to take the Winery, how that fit into the existing regulatory environment, and, I had a regulatory strategy to accomplish my vision. 

We have since had over two years to realize and develop our vision and begin to get our regulatory “ducks in a row”, if you may.  We are ready to start showing our new vision of OCRW to our Wine Club Members, exclusively.  Soon the general public will be invited to share our vision. For those of you who were regulars of John and Carmel Whitman’s Old Creek Ranch Winery, I especially want you all to know that the Holguin Family also loves the Ranch. We appreciate its history and we have done everything we can to maintain its charm, and, as we believe, to enhanced it. Accordingly, we will be having a series of Wine Club Activities over the next few months, prior to opening to the general public on April 1, 2018 (we're not fooling). You are all welcome to join these activities and can find out more about them by keeping up with our Social Media pages, Facebook and Instagram

We encourage you to follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook for the most current updates on events as well as our progress at the Ranch.

I hope that you too will love the New Ranch, just as you have loved the Old Ranch. Thank you all in your continued support of the Old Creek Ranch and Winery. 

Andrew R Holguin
President and Owner
OCRW, Inc.


  • Jane & Andrew, as a friend to both John & Carmel needless to say I was disappointed when they opted to sell the winery. However, after speaking with you both and seeing the progress you’ve made with the winery, most importantly that you plan to maintain the rural and family oriented feel of the grounds with enhancements is exciting. I look forward to our visits and sharing the NEW Old Creek Winery Ranch with many of our friends, job well done, looking forward to our next visit.

    Ralph Hathaway
  • Pls keep us posted on updates

    Tom spaeth
  • Hi and congratulations! I have received your emails and the invitation to the Nov 19 event. I have tried to reserve for two people, but the site says my email address (yes where I received your Oct 26 email) is not valid. Password does not work, and when I click on “forgot password” it says there is no account for my email address. Yes, we are existing wine club members. Thank you.

    Lisa Lopez

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