Thomas Fire Update

We want to thank everyone who reached out to us via social media and email during the Thomas fire. We are touched by your concern over the well being of the Ranch and our staff. 

Over the past week we've had the pleasure of meeting many of the brave women and men who helped protect our gorgeous valley. Words did not do us justice as we often found ourselves choking back tears and scrambling for words to relay the intensity of our gratitude to those who protected our valley. Our hearts are breaking for those who lost so much during this catastrophe. 

We are happy to report that the Ranch, staff, owners, cattle and even chickens(!) are all okay.  Although the property is a bit singed around the edges, the Ranch survived thanks to a tremendous effort by the Ventura County Fire Department, Cal Fire, and many other first responders from all over the Western U.S. Thank you so much for your service, we appreciate you. 

Now that we are breathing a little better... both literally and figuratively, we are back to work at the Ranch to continue with our renovations leading up to the opening of our new wine tasting room on April 1st (and we're not fooling!) 

We'd like to wish every one of you a joyous and fulfilling holiday, and warm wishes for the New Year. Now, more than ever, we are grateful to be a part of such a loving and resilient community. 
See you in 2018!

OCRW Staff
& the Holguin Family

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  • So happy for your family and associates that the winery and ranch were saved. What a n amazing and wonderful group of firefighters.

    Carolyn Reyes

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