Andrew, a native Californian and Jane, originally from Florida, moved to Ojai Valley in 1989 where they raised their two children, Marie (now a teacher in Ojai and married to Frans) and Jesse (now a firefighter in South Florida).  Andy started Holguin, Fahan & Associates, Inc. (HFA) in 1982, a consulting firm specializing in site assessments and remediation for the petroleum industry.  At it’s peak, HFA had 75+ employees and four offices in California and Arizona.  After 30 years as a consultant, Andy Holguin closed HFA and retired in 2012.  Needing a “project”, the family bought Old Creek Ranch in June 2015.  The Holguin’s are bringing a new vision to the Ranch but are mindful of how much our clientele appreciate the look and feel enjoyed for so many years at Old Creek Ranch Winery.   We are hoping to enhance the property so our patrons can continue making new charming memories while fondly remembering past experiences at the Ranch.

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Jeremy relocated to California after completing his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with a focus in Natural History from the University of Vermont.   Soon after moving to Santa Barbara, California, Mr. Leffert discovered wine and felt particularly drawn to vineyards.   Upon discovering Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, he met Dr. Keith Patterson and immediately applied and enrolled in a Master’s program in Crop Science with a focus in Viticulture.   Mr. Leffert’s passion exceeded his desire to learn as he strove to perfect his viticultural knowledge and abilities under the mentorship of Dr. Patterson.   Jeremy started his winemaking journey working in the cellar at Four Vines and was the winemaker for Hearst Ranch Winery from its inception in 2009 to 2014.   Following his role as Director of Winemaking at The Workshop, he started and grew a winemaking consultation business which led him to his position at Old Creek Ranch Winery.   Mr. Leffert has been an avid guitarist since childhood and currently lives in San Luis Obispo with his wife Melissa.